Vericef Injection- Cephradine Uses side-effects Dose in urdu

  • VERICEF Injection-Cephradine Uses side-effects Dose in urdu
  • Cephradine is a broad spectrum antibiotic having a semi synthetic origin and belongs to cephalosporin group.


Vericef injection 250mg:  500mg: 1g:                

 Vericef Injection Uses  INDICATIONS:

Cephradine is a first-generation cephalosporin antibiotic and is  used in the treatment of a variety of infections due to susceptible organisms. Therefore include due biliarytract infections, endocarditis ( staphylococcal),  endometritis (surgical infection prophylaxis at caesarean section), peritoneal dialysis), surgical infection (propylaxis), skin and skin structure infections, respiratory tract infections and urinary tract infections.



Cephradine should not be given to patients who are hypersensitive to it or to other Cephalosporins. Care is also necessary for patients with known histories of allergy. It should be given with caution to patients with renal impairment, and dosage reduction may be necessary. Renal and hematological status should be monitored especially during prolonged and high-dose therapy. Cephradine is excreted into breast milk during lactation, caution should be exercised when cephradine is administered to a nursing woman. It has been used effectively in infants, but its use in infants needs to be assessed carefully.  Therefore Vericef injection contains arginine. Studies in low birth weight infants have demonstrated that arginine administration may result in an increase in serum arginine, insulin, and indirect bilirubin. The consequences of exposure to this amino acid during treatment of neonates have not been fully ascertained.

 Cephradine Injection SIDE EFFECTS:

Intramuscular injection of cephradine can be painful and thrombophlebitis has occurred following intravenous injections. The most common adverse effects are hypersensitivity reactions, including skin rashes, urticaria, eosinophilia, fever, reactions resembling serum sickness and anaphylaxis,


In severe infections, cephradine should be given parenterally,  deep intramuscular injection or intravenously by slow injection over 3 to 5 minutes or Mix In infusion.

2.0g to 4.0g daily In four divided doses; up to 8.0g daily may be given by the parenteral route or As directed by the physician.



50 to 100mg per kg daily may be given by injection, increasing to 300mg per kg daily in severe infections or As directed by the physician.

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