CDC investigating a ‘large and ongoing’ outbreak of the meningococcal

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is looking into “one

of the most severe meningococcal outbreaks in gay and bisexual males throughout

U.S. history” after at least 24 cases and six deaths were discovered in Florida.

the outbreak of the meningococcal CDC investigating a ‘large and ongoing’

An announcement on Wednesday’s publication release in the CDC declared a serogroup

c meningococcal infection that was primarily affecting bisexual, gay, and other men who

have had sex with males who are living with HIV. Around half of the cases were confirmed

 in Hispanic males. A serogroup is a class of bacteria that have an antigen that is commonly found.

The CDC is looking into this outbreak, together with the Florida Department of Health,

which is also investigating another meningococcal serogroup outbreak in college students from Leon County

the outbreak of the meningococcal CDC investigating a 'large and ongoing' 

The Florida health department first released an alert on Leon County’s outbreak in April. Leon County outbreak in April.

Meningococcal diseases are caused by the bacteria Neisseria meningitides. It can cause extremely dangerous meningitis or bloodstream infection, which is an inflammation of the brain’s lining, or the spinal cord.

The bacteria spread by close contact including coughing or kissing.

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