Lynestrenol Omatril Tablet USED For menorrhagia || Polymenorrhea 

Lynestrenol Omatril Tablet USED For menorrhagia || Polymenorrhea 

Omatril (Lynestrenol) Tablet USED For menorrhagia || Polymenorrhea

Omatril (Lynestrenol) Tablet

(for oral use only)

Each tablets contains:

5 mg lynestreol (ph.Eur.spec)

Omatril Lynestrenol Tablet INDICATION:

  • Polymenorrhea
  • Menorrhea
  • Selected class of primary and secoundary amenorrhea and dsymenorrhea
  • Endometeiossis
  • Selected cases of endometrial
  • Benign breast disease
  • Supperession of ovualation pain and menstruation: dysmenorrhea
  • Postponement of menstruation
  • As an adjunct to estrogen therapy in peri –and postmenopause in order to avoid endometrial hyperplasia.


1 tab daily on days 10-25 of the cycle.

Menorrhagia and metrorhagia:

2 tablets daily on 10 days. Usually the bleedind will caase within a few days after of start of the treatment.treament is respeated during the next 3 menstrual cycles with 1 tablets daily on days 14-25 of each cucle.further diagnostic procedures are neceddary if the complaints do not disappear during or after this treatment.

Selected cases of primary and secondary amenorrhea and aligomenorrhea:

treatment should start with the administration,e.g.0.02-0.05mg ethinylestradial per day for 25 days .in conjunction with this ,1 tablets daily of omatril is administered on days 10-25 after cessation of treatment, a withdrawal bleeding usaully occurs within 3 days.tratment is resumed (secound cycle) starting on days 5 of this withdrawal bleeding with the estrogen given on days 5-25 of this withdrawal bleeding with the estrogen given on days 5-25 of the cycle and again with one tablets daily of omatril on days 14-25.this treatment should be repeated for at least another cycle.

Premenstrual syndrome:

1 tablet daily 14-25 of the cycle.

Selected cases of endometrial carcinom:

6-10 tablets daily for prolonges periods.

Benign breast disese:  1 tablet daily on days 14 -25 of the cycle for at least 3-4 months.

Suppression of menstruation, ovualation and ovulation pain: treatment with 1 daily should start preferably on days 1, but no later than 5 of the cycle. the trerment can be continud for many months (without tablets free days) if in spite of tretment, breaktrough bleeding occurs; the dosage should be increassed to 2 or 3 tablets daily for 3-5 days.


Postponement of menstruation: treatment with 1 tablet daily should start preferably 2 weeks before the expected onset of menstruation. if treatment is started less than 1 week before the expected onset of menstruation the dosage should be 2-3 tablest per day. however, in that case a delay increases if tretment is started later.

therefore, treatment should not be started later than 3 days before the expected onset of menstruation.

As an adjunct to estrogen therapy in pre-and post-menopause,in order to avold endometrial hyperplasia:

1/2 -1 tablet daily for 12-15 days per month ,e.g.on the first 2 week of every calenda month, the estrogen can be adminstered daily without tablet – free intervals at the effective dose.

Lynestrenol Tablet ADMINISTRATION:

omatril tablet should be taken orally with some fluid.

Lynestrenol Omatril Tablet USED For menorrhagia || Polymenorrhea 


  • pregnancy or suspected pregnency.
  • severe liver disease such as cholestatic jaundice or hepatitis
    (or a history of service liver disease if the results of liver function tests have failed to return to normal) hepatic cell tu tumors, rotor syndrome and dubin-johnson syndrome.
  • undiagnosed vignal bleeding.

conditions of are occurrence known to be affected by sex steroids,or a historyof these conditiions (the condition may have occurred first or worsened during pregnancy or during treatment with sex steroids),i,e herpes gestationis,jaudice of pregnancy,otosclersis,severe pruritus, or porphyria.

Use during pregnancy and breast feeding:

this medicine is contraindicated during pregnancy.there are insufficient data on the use this medicine during breast-feeding to asses potential harm.


  • chlasma is occasionally seen during the use of estrogen and/or progestagen-containions,especially in women with a history of chloasma women with a tendaency to develop chloasma, exposure of the skin to natural or ar artificial sunlight may induce or aggravate the condition.
  • occasionally changes in parameters of liver function,carbohydrate metabolism and haemostasis may occur. if the results of relevent test become abnormal, tretment should be discontinues. an increase in LDL and a decrease in HDL cholesterol may occur during lynestrenol therapy.
  • during prolonged treatment with progestagens ,periodice medical examination are advisable.
  • as datemined by the effects on PHBG,lyenstrenol has weak andrognic activity.this is confirmed by slight signs of virillzation (mainy ucne and sirsutisum) sbserved in some patients.


  1. patient with any of the follwing conditions should be examined regularly.
  2. circulatory disorders |(or a history of this condition)since with estrogen /progestagen -containing oral contraceptive preparations a slightly  
  3.  increased risk of specific cardivascular by sex steroids.

Omatril tablet INTERRACTIONS:

there are some interractions, mainly obtained with other progestoger containing preparation,activated charcoal ,barbiturates (primidone inclueded) hydantoins and rifamcin may possibly decrease the  effectveness of lynestrenol. conversely , lynestrenol may possibly increase the effeciveness of certain beta-adrenergic blockers and cyclosporin and decrease the effectiveness of insulin.

Lynestrenol Omatril tablet ADVERSE REACTIONS:

during continuous treatment regiment with lynestrenol,breakthrough bleeding or spotting with occur frequency gradually decreases. suring cyclic tretment regimens break through bleeding or spotting will seen occasionally(1-10%) are change in lobido (both increase and decrease) nausea or other gastrointestinal disturbances and weight increase adverse events which may be observed occasionally (1-10% ) or rare (lees than 1%) are:headache or migrane dizziness .nervousnes, depression sweating ,acne ,profile ,alterration in liver function tests,amenonorrohoea,menstrual irregularity, reduced glucose tolerance ,breast pain ,oedema.most of these adverse events are trasient and of minor importance in many cases.

Lynestrenol omatril tablet OVER DOSAGE:

The Toxicity of lynestrnol is very low. in case of overdose e.g young children taking several tablets simultaneously, no toxic symptoms are expected to occur.symptoms that may occur are nausea and vomiting. there is no necessity for specific treatment. if necessary,symptomatic treatment can be given.


Omatril Lynestrenol tabletلئنسٹرول گولیوں کا استعمال کن بیماریوں کے لئے جاتا ہے

ماہواری کی زیادتی اور بار بار مہنے میں‌کئی مرتبہ حیض آنے کے لئے مفید ہے

ماہواری کی بندش کے لئے مفید ہے

اس میں پہلے جن کی بیماری آئی ہوتی

اور وہ عورتیں جن کی بیماری پہلے نہں آئی ہوتی

ماہواری کی مختلف تکلیفوں میں مفید ہے

  پولی سسٹک اوری سنڈروم میں مفید ہے    

اینڈومیٹری اوسس میں مفید ہے 

 خاندانی منصوبہ بندی کیلئے استعمال کی جاتی ہے

Omatril Lynestrenol tablet او ماٹرل گولیوں کے سائیڈ ایفیکٹس یا مضر اثرات


متلی آنا

اُلٹیاں لگنا

ہاضمہ خراب ہونا

سکن پر خارش ہونا

ہارمونل خرابی پید اہونا

ماہواری میں بےقائدگی پیدا ہونا

سر درد ہونا

وزن زیادہ ہونا یا کم ہونا

سر کے بال گرنا

سوجن یعنی اوڈیما پیدا ہونا


یعنی کس طرح ہم اوماٹرل گولیاں لے سکتے ہیں ماہواری کی زیادتی کے لئے ہم ماہواری میں شروع کرتے ہیں اور 10 دن تک استعمال کرتے ہیں اس مہینے میں 10 گولیاں لے سکتے ہیں اور اگلے مہینے میں پھر حیض کے 14 ویں دن سے شروع کرنی ہے اور 3 مہینے استعمال کرنی ہے

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