Ceregin 30ml Drops Uses Side-effects Dose Overdose Price In Pakistan

  (Co-dergocrine mesylate)
Tablets & Oral solutions
Each tablet contains:
Co-dergocrine mesylate (B.P )…….4.5mg & 1.5mg
Products comply with B.P. specs.
Each tablet contains:
Co-dergocrine mesylate (B.P)…….1 mg
Products comply with platinum specs.

Ceregin 30ml Drops Uses/INDICATIONS:

Symptoms and signs of cerebral insufficiency (mental deterioration) like dizziness, headaches, poor concentration, disorientation, impaired memory; lack of initiative, mood depression, unsociability, difficulties with daily living activities, and with self-care.
  1. Acute cerebrovascular disease.
  2. Migraine and vascular headaches (preventive treatment only).
  3. Dizziness and vertigo of different origin.


Ceregin 30ml Drops DOSE:

1.5mg 2 to 3 times daily preferably before meals or 4.5mg once daily before breakfast for 3 months or more. A course of treatment may be repeated if required.


Known Hypersensitivity to the drug.


Ceregin  side effects

  1. Nasal stuffiness,
  2. transient
  3. nausea
  4. gastric upset may occur occasionally.

But are usually prevented by taking the drug with food. In the majority of cases, side effects disappear without specific measures being taken.

No cases with severe signs or symptoms of overdosage are known.

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