Blood Is a very important role in Our body Normal Hb in females is 11.5 to 13.5 and in males normal HB is 13.5 to 16 is the normal HB range.Hb Is a very important role in our body Hb carries oxygen and food in our body if Hb is low in our body this main work is not performed properly in our body the leads to many complications and diseases in our body

Anemia symptoms

pale skin 



shortness of Breath

ankle edema

spoon-like nail




pale color inside the eyelid 

Causes of Anemia

ulcer of stomach

ulcer in intestine

inflammation in intestine




hook worm

bone marrow neoplasia

injury, blood loss



joint inflammation


heavy menses( menorrhagia)

nutritional anemia

folic acid & vitamin B 12 deficiency (megaloblastic anemia)

Iron Deficiency Anemia


More factors are a lot of causes

Investigation of Anemia

F.B.C (spacial Smear)

Urine R/E

Stool R/E


Treatment Of Anemia

many tonics are used in kids and females and males daily basis 

like liberal folic 500  tablet daily OD dose after meal 2 to 3 month

if Hb is low then 8 mg of blood transfusion is important for the patient of 

this type of anemia or if a  patient  is a hookworm then the oral dose for hookworm to treat hookworm dose in  a month is important for anemic patient

if have menses to treat oral contraceptive to regulate menses for 3month duration and give iron tonic for three months.

if the patient is injured proper treatment for injury and then give oral iron tonic

or give iv blood transfusion for improving HB level and if the thalassemic children care proper and don”t engage in Cuasin and give blood transfusion when needed.

During pregnancy, females have a double need for iron the deficient in pregnancy and give oral iron tonic in oral  and if Iron food is not available then give oral tonic medicine like liberal folic tablet daily use and 







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